Artificial intelligence needs intelligent investments

One important topic new MEPs will have to position themselves on is artificial intelligence (AI). That is why we explore the opportunities and challenges this technology entails. There is a lot of talk about the digital transformation, but what exactly does artificial intelligence mean to Europe? A review of Europe’s AI strategy.

Whoever masters AI will rule the world!” – with these words, Russian President Vladimir Putin mapped out the dimension of this new technology. Many fears and hopes come along with artificial intelligence. Mentioning AI, many think of “Terminator”, HAL 900 from “A Space Odyssey” or E.M. Foster’s “The Machine Stops”. Briefly, AI is perceived as something super-intelligent, superior to the human mind.

It is important to understand first what artificial intelligence actually means. It is often described as the new Industrial Revolution, the second Machine Age. Contrary to the first Industrial Revolution, however, machines won’t replace muscle power but the power of thought. Put differently, the new machines learn from what they do and thereby become better at it. Unlike during the first Industrial Revolution, this change will also affect highly qualified people. The Job-Futuromat platform, designed by researchers at the Institute for Employment Research in Nuremberg, shows which jobs might be taken over by robots in the future.

The European Economic and Social Committee identified eleven areas where the technological upheaval will have significant consequences for society. These include questions of employment, democracy and – due to autonomous weapon systems – even questions of war and peace. Especially with regard to this potential, states like China have a great interest in becoming the global leader in AI. The European Union responded with its own approach to this topic. Its strategy can be divided into three areas: technological, social, and ethical considerations.

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Source : The New Federalist

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