Artificial Intelligence: The Next 24 Months

Recent developments are poised to move AI to center stage, leading to revolutions across businesses around the globe. However, challenges remain, and an uncertain future makes it difficult to predict exactly where and how AI will be most effective. Protiviti and ESI ThoughtLab recently conducted a survey of 300 senior executives across the globe to uncover just how AI is being implemented and what to expect in the coming years.


According to the survey, just 16 percent of businesses report gaining significant value from AI. Over the next two years, however, this number is expected to more than triple, potentially leading to a majority of businesses relying on AI.

Already, businesses are investing heavily, with companies spending an average of 36 million per year, and plans call for an increase in spending by 10 percent. Consumer products organizations and financial services companies are somewhat slow to invest, lagging behind technology companies and healthcare organizations. The geographical center of technological development also seems to be shifting; European and North American companies are lagging behind their counterparts in the Asia-Pacific region. China, in particular, aims to become the leader in AI by 2030, and the Chinese government is investing heavily in AI technology.

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Source : Technative

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