Blockchain’s Role in Developing Smart Cities

Smart city

Undoubtedly, technology has always played a major role when it comes to the evolution of cities. Right from the very first human settlements to the industrial revolution to today, technological advancements have impacted the houses we use, cities we live in and the environment around us. We have been experiencing global trends that have paved the way for a revolution.

As urbanization is on a steady rise and is accelerating in the last 15 years, it doesn’t come as a surprise that cities amount to more than half of the entire world’s GDP. If the data from the World Bank is to be believed, more than 54% of the global population now resides in cities. This global trend has created a framework where cities are overpopulated, polluted and administration is inefficient.

As the population is increasing, the number of elderlies is growing too. Almost 10% of the population is above 65 years of age. This number will rise to 8.5 billion people by 2030.

Smart city
Smart city

It is not only about elderlies, but the way we lead our lives today is degrading our environment terribly. Climate change is real, and resource scarcity has emerged to be a global problem, as highlighted by the World Economic Forum.

Demographic and social changes have introduced a shift and paved the way for a needed transformation which could address the demographic and social changes. The most recent technological breakthroughs have taken the world by storm and are impacting the global economy drastically. This means that we are more connected and faster than ever. Industries are profoundly affected by the new ways of consuming of a world that never rests.

Thus, governments and corporations are turning towards innovation research and development to tackle the challenge of an increasing population and its negative consequences – socially and economically.

All these factors have coupled together to present a solid use case to develop smart cities in front of the government. This brings us to the next important question – what is a smart city, anyway?

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