Chatbots vs. Siri vs. Alexa

@ Karthikeyan Ganesh

Siri and Alexa have made a big splash in the consumer electronics market over the last few years. Unlike chatbots, they are nowhere close to disrupting the B2B sector — but they are frequently alluded to.

@ Karthikeyan Ganesh
@ Karthikeyan Ganesh

We, at Freshchat, we sometimes get asked about our integration plans with Alexa or Google Assistant. A few weeks ago, for example, one of our prospects had a somewhat left-field query about Freshchat’s integration possibilities with microcomputers which was also tied to a query about voice assistants. The client said he wanted to connect our messaging platform to Raspberry Pi to light one of the bulbs hanging respectively on top of the members in his support team. Every time a rep responded to a customer query within the first two minutes, the integration would lead the corresponding bulb to light up.

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