Data and IoT: The Secret Sauce

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data and IoT: Discussion about the Internet of Things often centers around sensors and hardware, the additions to our physical environments. They may be built into street lights and bus stops, or in factories and on assembly lines – or even inside shipping containers. But in fact, the ability to connect the dots will be even more important for the future of IoT

data and IoT
data and IoT

In its first wave, the “I” in IoT has been mainly used to describe devices that can connect to other devices: we can now free up our central heating from a smartphone so we won’t freeze when we come home, we can tell our TV set-top boxes to record the football game we would miss because of a business dinner, and we can tell the postman via a video doorbell where to leave that parcel. More interestingly, and in the longer term more relevant, will be what connectivity also brings – masses and masses of data, all nicely time-stamped and associated with a specific process in a specific device.

In short, machines, robots, and sensors have become data nodes and the true opportunities can now be unleashed. Few important use cases would be possible without meaningful processing of data and increasingly this involves artificially intelligent systems because they can amplify the usefulness of a solution by instilling deep insights, not apparent to humans, into structured data sets. As a result, Data and IoT becomes the focal point of a number of meta-trends of the near future, namely ubiquitous connectivity and ubiquitous computing power, decentralized, in the cloud and with data-processing capabilities that puts everything previously known to shame.

data and IoT
data and IoT

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