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How to Build Social Media Campaigns That Your Virtual Assistant (VA) Can Implement and Monitor

Social media campaigns can take up a lot of your time. The thing is, successful campaigns aren’t created with a “set and forget” method, they require monitoring, interacting, and potentially making changes based on feedback.

For any business owner, this can be a difficult prospect, especially when you consider everything else you need to do to run your business. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, virtual assistant services can help.

To be clear, a virtual assistant is not a social media manager. That is an entirely different job role, usually with a very particular skill-set honed on social media. Virtual assistants know social media, but they’re not social media strategists. Want to know what they’re great at? Implementation of your strategy.

This means that a virtual assistant can be your right hand when it comes to social media campaigns, taking care of tasks that keep your strategy in motion. Here’s what to know about building social campaigns and where virtual assistants can help.

Document your social media strategy

Documenting your social media strategy is important, not just for the benefit of your virtual assistant, but to help set the direction for your own activities. A social media strategy is just one part of an overall digital marketing strategy — this should form part of an overarching brand strategy.

Remember, a virtual assistant is an implementer, not a social media strategist, and their rates generally reflect this fact. If you need help with devising your overall strategy, hiring someone with specific social media management expertise would be your best course of action.

A key reason that business owners end up failing with social media or feel overwhelmed by it is that they don’t have good structure and strategy in place. Social media is “doing them” rather than the other way around and far too much time is wasted. A virtual assistant can certainly help with this overwhelm, but they’re in a better position to do so once your strategy is clear.

Strategy involves several aspects, including setting specific goals and clearly defining your audience. You should also understand what success looks like — how will you measure it?

Document procedures for your virtual assistant

Where does your virtual assistant fit into your social media campaign strategy? Get this down in black and white too.

For example, you should consider:

  • What regular tasks will the VA perform?
  • What process should they follow to complete those tasks?
  •  When should they escalate any issues to you?
  • What level of access will you give them to accounts?
  • How will you orientate your VA to your thought processes with social media

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