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How to Use Your Customer’s Constant Connectedness to Your Advantage


When companies talk about “customers” they might picture shoppers coming into a store and looking around at what’s on the shelves. And that would have been true — at one point. Today, however, customers might be browsing lots of places besides a physical location, and even then they’re likely to have their heads buried in their smartphones, laptops or even wearables.

The rise of mobile technology goes way beyond the devices themselves, of course. Most of us have a slew of apps we turn to all day long as well, in addition to browsing online and enjoying streaming services. Notifications from those apps, text messages from family and friends and of course email means consumers have gotten used to being constantly connected. The challenge for marketers is not figuring out how to distract them from their digital habits, but how to find a place alongside them.


Many marketers have already learned that there are big advantages in targeting constantly connected consumers. One is reach — digital devices can access content anywhere, at any time, which means the addressable market for a whole range of products and services is larger than would have been possible before. Then there’s all the data. As consumers browse online, consume content and make purchases, they’re offering up valuable information about their likes, dislikes and other behaviours that allow marketers to work in more personalized and relevant ways.

And finally, whereas someone driving on the highway may miss an expensive billboard ad or flip past commercials when they’re watching TV, marketers who think digital-first have a wide variety of channels to conduct a campaign. If consumers ignore what a brand is telling them the first time around, in other words, there are lots of other chances to try again.

As you develop your own marketing plan for 2019, make sure you not only recognize the constant connectivity of consumers but turn it into one of your biggest assets.

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Source : Salesforce

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