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Infographic : How Businesses Use Instagram Stories – 30 Case Studies

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is here to stay. Around half the businesses that have an Instagram page use it. But, what is the big deal? Is it really going to do you any good if the story is only going to be visible for 24 hours? Is it worth putting in the effort?

The answer is a definite “Yes”, and if you don’t believe me, check out the info provided by that shows how companies are using Instagram stories and benefiting from them.

Want some ideas to get you started straight away? Well, the first thing to consider is what your audience will respond to. What would they find interesting?

For example, National Geographic uses “Listicles.” It uses a great picture and choose a list of information that people can swipe up to view. Things like the Top Ten National Parks in the United States, for example.

These listicles are appealing because they contain the information in small, manageable bits. Who wants to read an essay when they can check out a list instead?

Etsy, on the other hand, takes another track. It publishes tutorials for the followers. This is a great example of brand building because it is all about what the consumers want. It is not directly selling the services that Etsy provides, but it could inspire a follower to create a business based on what they learned.

And, if they do, where would they sell those products? On Etsy of course. Even if they don’t set up an Etsy shop, it is a great brand building exercise.

If you would like to find out more about the statistics, check out the infographic below. It also contains case studies of larger companies who have been using this feature and what they do with it.

Information and inspiration in one easy to read package – wouldn’t that be perfect on Instagram as well?

Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories

Source : 99firms

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