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Infographic : How Speed Affects Your Website

Website Speed

As harsh as it may sound, the global network has no tolerance toward slow web pages.

In 2017, a massive study by Google revealed insanely high abandonment rates on sites that take longer than five seconds to load on desktop devices. Only about 25% of the visitors are patient enough to wait that long; the rest navigate away never to return.

Five seconds is slightly longer than the time necessary to read the previous two sentences. Doesn’t feel all that long, does it?

When the brain is occupied with a meaningful activity like reading or learning, time flies by unnoticed. On the other hand, while waiting for the meaningful time to begin, every second feels scarily long.

As you can see in the infographic below, user behavior online confirms that. The starts curated by the Hosting Tribunal show that slow websites reduce customer loyalty, decrease sales, and damage site reputation.

On desktop or mobile, long loading times become more and more frustrating. So much so that almost half of all users are quick to share with their peers any negative browsing experience.

Poor user experience doesn’t lead only to damaged reputation, though. Search engines are already smart enough to understand whether internet users are satisfied with the pages they visit. In case they aren’t, said pages get demoted in the search engine results.

As you can see, the internet has no patience toward sluggish websites.

It makes sense because slow web pages betray sloppiness and carelessness on behalf of their owners. Optimizing a website is not all that difficult even for people with limited technical expertise.

To understand fully how detrimental a single second delay can be online, check out this insightful infographic:

Website Speed
Website Speed

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Source : Hosting Tribunal

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