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Infographic : Parent’s Guide: Identifying and preventing online abuse

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According to our latest study, people’s digital interactions and responses to online risks appear to be improving around the world – though perhaps surprisingly, many of those who have been targeted for abuse online say their perpetrators came from their immediate families and social circles.

Indeed, nearly two in three respondents (61 percent) said they had some familiarity with their online abusers. More than a third (36 percent) said they knew the perpetrator personally: 17 percent responded that the perpetrator was a friend or a family member, while nearly one in five (19 percent) said the perpetrator was an acquaintance. One quarter of those surveyed said the offender was someone they knew only online, and 37 percent said their online risk exposure came from a stranger. Family and friends accounted for a high percentage of perpetrators among those who said they were bullied online (41 percent) or discriminated against (36 percent).

Identifying and preventing online abuse
Identifying and preventing online abuse

These are some of the findings of Microsoft’s latest study, “Civility, Safety and Interactions Online – 2017,” which measured the perceptions of teens and adults about the online risks they face and how their interactions affect their lives.

We’re releasing this research in conjunction with international Safer Internet Day. We’re also reigniting our Digital Civility Challenge, asking people to pledge to live by four common-sense guidelines for safer online interactions, And, we’re inviting everyone to share examples of how they’re doing the right thing online using the hashtags #Challenge4Civility and #Im4DigitalCivility. This year’s Safer Internet Day theme is “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you.”

Top online risks are ‘unwanted contact’ and ‘hoaxes, fraud and scams

hoaxes, fraud and scams
hoaxes, fraud and scams

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Source : Microsoft

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