Infographic : Seniors Catch up with the Internet Revolution

The Elderly & The World Wide Web

In its early days the internet was largely the domain of the young. Less than 15% of seniors logged on to the World Wide Web in 2000. That was then. Today, the elderly are very much part of the online revolution shaping our lives, with 66% of Americans above the age of 65 using the internet. In the 50-64 age group, the figure is 87%.

Studies have shown that not only are more and more elderly people using the internet, they are also doing it in interesting ways and for a wide variety of purposes. Baby boomers — those born between 1946 and 1964 — spend an impressive 27 hours online per week. And 71% of internet users above the age of 65 use the internet on a typical day.

Communicating with friends and family through email and other online tools continues to be a popular reason for seniors to log on. But they are also using the internet to stay up to date with news; for entertainment and games; for shopping and banking; to learn about medical issues, health care, and devices used in age-related medical emergencies.

Speaking of which, MedAlertHelp, the site where we found the featured infographic, does reviews of devices used in emergencies. The infographic is full of interesting facts like the one saying that more than one-fourth of the elderly believe that mental sharpness is an extremely important reason for playing games.

Figures from other western countries also show that older people are catching up with the online shopping revolution.

Latest data from the Office for National Statistics reveal that the proportion of people aged 65 years and above in the UK who shop online has trebled from 16% in 2008 to 48% in 2018.

The number of seniors in the US using hand-held devices has also risen, with a whopping 93% of those in the 70-74 group owning some type of cell phone. That figure drops to 62% in the 75-79 group, and 58% in 80+ group.

Get many more of these intriguing insights into internet usage among the elderly from the infographic below.

The Elderly & The World Wide Web
The Elderly & The World Wide Web

Source : MedAlertHelp

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