IoT Applications in Smart Cities


The Internet of Things is everywhere today, from industrial applications to emergency services, public transportation, public safety, city lighting and other smart city applications. Due to IoT technology advancements, municipalities are becoming more and more connected in an effort to increase the efficiency of infrastructure installations, improve reliability and responsiveness of emergency services, cut costs and more. And innovation is ongoing. We expect to see many more smart city ideas using IoT for this market in the years to come.

In this post we will look at a few examples of IoT solutions across the smart cities landscape and the benefits cities are experiencing as a result of implementing them.

IoT Apps
IoT Apps

Key Drivers for IoT Applications in Smart Cities

There are several reasons for municipalities to move to the wireless communications methods offered by IoT technologies.

  • Cost is a key driver in the decision to convert from wired solutions to wireless, as it is massively expensive to install and maintain landlines. Additionally, the costs of cellular data plans are dropping and the robustness and throughput of wireless communications are therefore enabling new use cases that would previously have been cost-prohibitive.
  • Efficiency is another important impetus. In most wired solutions, service personnel must physically go to the installation site to audit and service the communications infrastructure. These “truck rolls” are expensive and inefficient, since they typically occur on a schedule whether or not a problem exists. By contrast, wireless communications enable remote monitoring and management of IoT deployments. This enables administrators to perform firmware updates and security patches across the entire deployment, and get automated notifications in the event of any issues.
  • Resource reduction is often a driver as well, particularly in use cases such as smart street lighting and monitoring assets. These IoT applications make it possible to use sensors to gather data and wireless modules to control resource use, which can result in a dramatic reduction in energy use.

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