Microsoft could soon shift to a Chromium-based browser in Windows 10


Microsoft could soon shift to a Chromium-based browser in Windows 10, according to Windows Central.

The publication says the project is called Anaheim, and speculates that it would appear in the 19H1 development cycle.

Should the reporting be true, it would be the final capitulation of a company that straddled the internet, and attempted to stop it from developing further, after its victory in the 2000s browser war.


In 2014, due to the dominance of Blink and WebKit-based browsers — that power Chrome and Safari, respectively — Microsoft introduced support for Webkit HTML and CSS extensions.

Remember the days when designers and developers only cared about how their site looked in IE6, and couldn’t or wouldn’t care about the rendering in the Mozilla or Opera browsers? Those days are returning quickly as mobile sites ‘enhance’ their experience for WebKit browsers.

You’d think that we would have learned from the last time around.

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Source : Tech Republic

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