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The digital revolution has changed much in society, from how we communicate to how we consume culture. It’s also had a huge influence on how we spend our money, with the decline of the high street falling in line with the shift to online spending.


Consider also the modern trends towards online banking, and our relationship with money is quite different to a generation – or even a decade – ago. Financial Experts Money Guru were keen to monitor this shift across different segments of society, placing individuals into four groups. These groups depended on spending preferences: cash, debit card, credit card, and PayPal.

  • The nation has lost its perspective on cash
  • Over a quarter of under 25s have never been in a bank
  • 80% of the UK have bought online at least once
  • Is getting frisky financially risky?

They surveyed 1500 tax-paying British adults with a range of questions about the value of things, from everyday essentials (such as bread and milk) to non-essential frivolities (such as a pint of beer or a takeaway coffee). The survey also took on board lifestyle preferences both socially and at home, to see if such preferences had any impact on attitudes to money.

The nation has lost its perspective on cash


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About MoneyGuru :

MoneyGuru is an innovative credit focused price comparison brand which offers customers access to a full suite of market services for loan and credit products.

MoneyGuru is part of Quint Finance Group, a leading international, highly innovative fintech group operating in the consumer finance market, previously known as Quintessential Finance Group. Quint owns and operates four strategically aligned financial technology businesses channels in the consumer credit sector which are all powered by the group’s market leading proprietary technologies and infrastructure.

Macclesfield-headquartered Quint was founded in 2009 and now operates in six countries around the world and employs over 100 staff.

Source : Evolved Digital Marketing Limited

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