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Graph theory

Graph theory is one of the key subjects essential in mastering data science. This area of mathematics helps understand data in a clear and concise manner. In fact tech giants like Google, Facebook and eBay use Graph theory extensively in their business for the same.

Apart from knowing graph theory, it is necessary that one is not only able to create graphs but understand and analyse them. Graph theory software makes this job much easier. There are plenty of tools available to assist a detailed analysis. Here we list down the top 10 software for graph theory popular among the tech folks. They are presented in a random order and are available on major operating systems like Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Tikz And PGF
Tikz And PGF

1. Tikz And PGF

Get started with deep learning using MATLAB.

A popular software in the scientific research community, Tikz and PGF are two separate software packages in one offering. They are based on the typesetting language TeX . Both Tikz and PGF are used to create vector-style graphics. While Tikz focuses on creating complex, PGF is for designing simpler visual diagrams. Any expert in graph theory will breeze through these by making wonderful analysis with this software.

2. Gephi

Gephi is another free to download software exclusively developed for data analysis. Hinging mainly on network visualisation and data exploration, this tool uses a 3D render engine for creating complex graphs. It is primarily written in Java and is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms. Gephi is currently maintained and improved by The Gephi Consortium.

3. NetworkX

Nothing beats the classic Python way of doing things. So, data scientists should be grateful for NetworkX, a Python library that is solely relied on for graphs and networks. Just like the previous two, this library also offers multiple features like network dynamics and data format support. NetworkX also has provisions like fast prototyping and is easy to understand.

4. LaTeXDraw

LaTeX, which is a popular document preparation/typesetting system, has an additional graphics editor called LaTeXDraw. This editing tool is built using Java. LaTeXDraw relies on PSTricks, a type of macros present in LaTeX for enabling various shapes required to draw graphical representations. It also has text rendering which makes it an attractive tool among LaTeX users.

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