Who is leading the 5G patent race ?


The long-term vision is that 5G will lead to the invention of thousands of new products, technologies and services, increase productivity and allow for new industries to emerge. A global 5G network would unify mobile communication and connect individuals or devices to everything through the Internet of Things (IoT). 5G technology can connect vehicles, ships, buildings, meters, machines and other items with electronics, software, sensors and the Cloud, while embedded 5G technology would allow machines to exchange information and integrate computer-based systems in the physical world. In recent years 3G and 4G patent owners have controlled the way in which mobile technologies have been used in the smartphone industry.

Annual number of 5G SEPs being declared

Therefore, 5G patent owners will likely become technology and market leaders by enabling 5G connectivity in various markets. Using the database and analytics of the IPlytics platform tool, Table 1 illustrates the increasing number of 5G SEPs that have been declared over the past five years – 5G SEPs are the patents that any company will have to use when implementing a standardised 5G technology.

While the implementation of 3G and 4G mainly concerned smartphone industry players, 5G will enable connectivity in the entire physical world through the IoT. In the future, any sector with some reliance on connectivity (eg, transport, energy, manufacturing, healthcare and entertainment) will make use of 5G and therefore use 5G SEPs. Successful 3G and 4G patent licensing programmes have demonstrated that income from patent royalties can be substantial; the target market for 5G patent licensing will be much larger than 3G and 4G since 5G patents will be required outside of the smartphone sector.

Annual number of 5G SEP registrations related to the automotive sector

Using the IPlytics platform tool, Table 2 illustrates the top 10 patent owners of 5G SEPs. The South Korean companies Samsung and LG, the Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE, the US companies Qualcomm, Intel and Interdigital, the European companies Ericsson and Nokia and the Japanese company Sharp are the major 5G patent holders.

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Source : Free Republic

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